Closed Compositions is an ongoing series of images demonstrating and practicing the art of compositionalism, an aesthetically-first focused process rooted in the exercise of encountering and capturing aesthetically perfect or near perfect compositions (at least as pre-defined by the artist), through methodical pedestrian travel and concentration on the final image, over the context of the symbols contained within the image itself.

Conceived of as a process and practice of art making, rather than a conceptual or theoretical end goal, compositionalism is a meditation embracing the concepts of stoicism, sacrifice, and discipline creating a concise conversation between the eye and the mind. Context is not rejected, but rather derived contemplatively.

It is no secret that abstract art, including and ranging from painting to sculpture, is first an expression of the artist emotionally, and a demonstration of mastery of medium and theory. Despite any artist’s wishes, though, ultimately the meaning of the abstract piece will be determined by the viewer, as is the nature of the individual human spirit.

Compositionalism is not a rejection or pivot from the emotional context of art making, but rather a celebration more comparable to the sacrifice of the Franciscans of the Catholic faith, or the silence of the Trappist monks- an act of zeal within one’s craft, to encourage self discovery, growth, and adoration (of the craft, in this case).

The act itself is in fact meditative, instilling the images visually with the discipline and zeal practiced at the time of capture. Closed Compositions is the fruit of this experiment, and a visual journal of the short history and development of compositionalism. 
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